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Isaac B


Isaac B is a British American artist, emcee & host - as well as deep in the tech & audio engineering world.  After studying a Bachelor’s in Music Technology and a Masters in Music Management he continued his creative endeavours musically. Isaac B has been in the local MC live-scene, earning himself a respected reputation, with a committed, ever growing following, alongside his collective, AndWhat?LDN for over 4 years. Hosting some of the most musically diverse, eclectic late nights, and the most riotous, lyrically charged monthly cyphers, Isaac B, acts as a key player within the growth of London's underground, live Hip-Hop scene.  Previously presenting for the likes of collectives' The Rattle, Tribe, And What? Ldn, So Live Sessions & Nouteka, as well as community grassroots festivals. (Congregate, Noisily & Les Tropicantes Paris)  As an improvisational emcee Isaac B is 2 time champion of the Underground rap battle collective Cosmic Arcade.  Currently focusing on the development of his own independent music & open to hosting/emcee opportunities.  The Master Of Ceremonies.


"King Of The Cypher" 

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