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Chances ocean

 Isaac B

Friday 26th June 2020 marks the release of Isaac B's proudest work to date. Chances Ocean is a seven-track EP, packed with profound and poignant lyrical themes and rich in instrumentation.

Drawing comparisons to Barney Artist, YBN Cordae & Kojey Radical, Isaac B is most certainly “left field”. London born, Florida brewed, Isaac B is known for his freestyle prowess. He combines earthy, poetic Hip-Hop with subtle meditative & sultry R&B across an ethereal sonic backdrop. He swapped the sun-soaked city of The ‘Dale', for the rain and rizzle of the UK capital. Isaac B adapted to the capital, studying a Bachelor’s in Music Technology and a Masters in Music Management before continuing his creative endeavors. 

He quickly immersed himself in the local MC live-scene, earning himself a respected reputation, with a committed, ever growing following, alongside his collective, AndWhat?LDN. Hosting some of the most musically diverse, eclectic late nights, and the most riotous, lyrically charged monthly cyphers, Isaac B, acts as a key player within the growth of London's underground, live Hip-Hop scene. 


The first track on Chances Ocean is 'Love Yourz', a song with an upbeat message of being satisfied with what you’ve earned in life, rather than becoming bitter by focusing on the luck and success of others. The opening number sees Isaac B deliberating on his life, concluding how life seems better if you believe in yourself and strive for a happier existence.  


'Oceans & Chances', is a song that pin-points the precise moment timing meets a golden opportunity. Isaac B explores the issues facing an individual during that moment and the break-neck-speed decision-making process that goes with such an incident.  The free-styling wizard makes full use of his raconteur skills on Oceans & Chances, using the title as an extended metaphor for risk, determination and success by comparing the chase of an opportunity to that of the ocean tide; sometimes if you risk too much you may be swept out to sea, more prudent and calculated individuals land comfortably back to the safety of the sea-shore. 


'Did You' further dives into the artist eclecticism, close to being a AfroBeats number, a danceable track but yet still consciously touching on the good dying young and Isaac B wanting to get a Grammy for his late Grandma. 


Never one to shy away from the deeper issues facing the public, Isaac B tackles some of the more complex questions humans face as they begin adult life in the third track: 'Higher Power'. The song sees the rapper contemplating the potential higher, divine powers that may be at work and debating with himself if there is a reasoning behind every event that happens.  


‘I’m Here’ pays homage to lyricists that paved the way in Hip-Hop, whilst also expressing an aggressive zero-tolerance for “whack emcees” stating he “will crucify your name the same way that you crucified the game”. With not so subtle disses to Hip-Hop pop superstar, Lil Uzi Vert, throughout the chorus, we are blessed with an infectious hook. Isaac B shines a light on having awareness of the restrictions and self doubt imposed by an over-saturated industry. He contemplates ideas of betrayal by those considered comrades, misplaced competition, and a sense of disbelief, so deep rooted in an industry that has become far removed from the culture and true purpose of this expression. 


Penultimate track - 'Lean' - is a confident track addressing Isaac B’s increasing but humbled ego as he makes strides into his career. Lean is a song that describes the buoyant feeling of unapologetically enjoying the new-found respect others have for you. Showing no signs of slowing down, Isaac wants to make it clear he wants more and will only leave the building as the victor. 


Closing number, 'Yourz Truly' is Isaac B’s signature send-off song highlighting his main message, his unequivocal passion for music and those who he connects with through his music.  Representing Unity, Peace and exuding higher vibrations, spreading love. Yourz Truly also explains the young musician’s trepidation and caution of diving head-first into an uncompromising industry as well as the temptation and alluring prospect of a sleazy ‘Hollywood’ environment and mentality. 


IAMHH calls Isaac B 

“The King Of The Cypher”

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UKHH calls Isaac B the 

“And What?LDN poster-boy, and key master of ceremonies”



Career highlights so far...

  • Sold Out Solo show at the legendary Hip-Hop Chip Shop in  Brixton, London

  • Collectively sold out the South London grassroots Hootananny Venue (700 Cap)

  • Performed at Noisily Festival 2019

  • Opened for two of High Focus artist: Ramson Badbonez & Onoe Caponoe

  • Opened for Too Many T’s at Colours Hoxton

  • Second music video SNE HNE Surpasses 20k views

  • Featured on Malta Magazine Underground Sound

  • Performed live on Reprezent Radio with DJ Sire 

  • In-depth interview by The Wonton Show and streamed online at

  • Opened for Welsh Hip Hop Band Goldie Looking Chain

  • Opened for Queen of Eclectic Soul Harleigh Blu 


"Why oh why we let our dreams die"

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